BC16 - No, you didn't miss registration (yet)!


Thank you for ‘patiently’ waiting for us to announce registration opening for BattleCry@WPI 16. As you may know, I’ve been a little busy working on this small event for NE FIRST which needed to take priority.

Here’s the details:

  • BattleCry@WPI 16 with take place over TWO full days on Sat-Sun, 23-24 May 2015 in Worcester, MA.
  • 60 teams - because we just didn’t pull up the pit tape from DCMP!
  • $350 registration gets you t-shirts, team social, BBQ dinner, Ice Cream Social, and Lunches (one day). And most importantly, the chance to try one more time to reign supreme in New England.

Tell your friends, tell your rivals, tell your neighboring rookie teams… we welcome and encourage everyone who is interested to sign up! While 2013 broke records with 1 second to fill registration, last year took a few hours to fill so there’s room for everyone!

Those who do not make the initial team list will be placed on the Ready Reserves. EVERY YEAR we end up calling almost every team on the Ready Reserves looking for folks to play, especially for last minute drop-outs, so don’t hesitate to register even if the slots are full and expect that you will be called up.

When it opens, to register, go to www.wpi.edu/+bc and click “Enter the Fray”.

We are currently working on updating our website. Bear with us.

If you are interested in volunteering, we’d love to have your help as well! We’ll be posting a volunteer signup link soon.

See you at BC16!

PS: Yup, it’s Memorial Day weekend once again, and Sat-Sun again. Seemed to work well last year!


Definitely interested in volunteering this year!

Is payment deadline REALLY April 23rd, as my Invoice states? With all the prep for St. Louis going on, that’s really not much time to make sure we have enough people committed to attending.

Is registration refundable if my team decides we can’t go?

Any teams that signed up should be sure to read their emails! As we’ve stated, it was a very busy time in advance of BC with planning the District Championships so some items fell by the wayside, like updating dates.

There are no refunds for BattleCry@WPI UNLESS a paying team is able to fill your spot.

Any news on volunteering?

Teams, Volunteers, Everyone – Fear not! BattleCry has not abandoned you! Not only was pretty much everyone on the BC planning committee part of the NE CMP Planning Committee (and still recovering), we are almost all heading to St Louis (and for real, I should have started driving there about an hour ago).

The event will happen. We will take care of you, we always do. We just need to recover and finish off this last official event of the season and then it’s onto BC.

Please be patient with us!

Usually we have a little more breathing room between our events. If your team wants to participate, sign up on the web. If you have already, we promise you haven’t missed the payment deadline. If you want to volunteer, we’d love to have you and our signup sheet will be posted as soon as our Vol Coordinator has it.

On a side note, two weeks after BC we are running our NASA Centennial Challenge (a $1.5M prize competition for the team whose robot can autonomously operate in a large open area for up to 2 hours and collect a variety of samples). Accompanying that event is WPI’s TouchTomorrow Festival, filled with all sorts of cool science, technology, and robotics activities for kids and adults alike. Not only should you consider attending if you’re in the area, it’s a great place to demo a robot (FRC, FTC, FLL, or JrFLL). Last year there were well over 10,000 attendees. http://wp.wpi.edu/touchtomorrow/

I just want to make sure that there still will be the dorm room option for Saturday night again this year?

I hope?

Per the email sent to all registered teams yesterday, there are no dorm rooms available this year.

Here’s the details:

  • BattleCry@WPI 16 with take place over TWO full days on Sat-Sun, 23-24 May 2015 in Worcester, MA.
  • $350 registration gets you t-shirts, team social, BBQ dinner, Ice Cream Social, and Lunches (one day).

----Will there be a vegetarian option at the BBQ this year? I think there were veggie burgers last year.

Yes, there are vegetarian options for both the BBQ and lunches. BBQ will include your choice of Hamburger, Hotdog, or Veggie Burger plus watermelon, chips, and a drink!

Looking forward to my first battlecry as a volunteer! Our team will not be participating this year. Who else will I see as a fellow volunteer?

I will be traveling with other volunteers in tow.

Hotel Angry is already full Ed, although I will miss ordering 8 or 9 pizzas for our guests then eating 2 myself…

Also, volunteering this year :smiley:

The Days Inn in Shrewsberry will do.

I signed up as a volunteer. After the excitement of the DCMP at WPI a few weeks ago I’m pumped to see what BattleCry brings!

Under BattleCry16 rules modifications posted here:


  1. G24 has been removed. Additionally, there is no penalty or detriment for a team interacting with, using, or scoring objects that came from the other side of the field provided rule G18 is not violated.

Does this really mean what I think it means? Might we actually see an “Aerial Assist/Assault”-like robot on the field that can take down opposing stacks? :rolleyes:

Now all you need is a bump climbing robot. Anybody still have their 2004 robot available?

Thankfully for the safety of all 3.1.2 still prevents the use of game objects to knock over the opposing alliances stacks.

With the exception of UNPROCESSED LITTER, if the actions of one ALLIANCE cause any of the other ALLIANCE’S game elements that are in scoring position to no longer be in scoring position, the affected ALLIANCE will be credited points for the displaced game elements at the conclusion of the MATCH.

Hey Everyone-

Hope you’re enjoying the changes for BC16. We’re hoping to add a little interaction without making any teams’ design less effective or the job tough on our awesome crew of referees.

For teams attending, please be sure to nominate a BC STAR! Every team is sustained by some amazing mentors and this is a great opportunity to show them some love. Deadline to submit is 15-May and details can be found in SITREP1: http://www.wpi.edu/news/Events/BattleCry/updates.html

Looking forward the best Sweet Sixteen party ever and to the competition with 60 amazing teams!