BC19 Registration Opens 10-Apr @ 1200


Registration is opening soon for BattleCry@WPI 19!

Here’s the details:

  • BattleCry@WPI 19 with take place over TWO full days on Sat-Sun, 19-20 May 2018 in Worcester, MA.
  • 60 teams
  • $400 registration gets you t-shirts, team social, BBQ dinner, Ice Cream Social, and Lunches (one day). And most importantly, the chance to try one more time to reign supreme in New England (and beyond).

Tell your friends, tell your rivals, tell your neighboring rookie teams… we welcome and encourage everyone who is interested to sign up! While 2013 broke records with 1 second to fill registration and last year took maybe 10 minutes, we ended up extending invites to our entire Ready Reserve list so don’t fret!

Those who do not make the initial team list will be placed on the Ready Reserves. EVERY YEAR we end up calling almost every team on the Ready Reserves looking for folks to play, especially for last minute drop-outs, so don’t hesitate to register even if the slots are full and expect that you will be called up.

When it opens, to register, go to www.wpi.edu/+bc and click “Enter the Fray”.

If you are interested in volunteering, we’d love to have your help as well! Sign up here.

See you at BC19!

Will we have to put payment information in tomorrow?

This is easily my favorite event of the entire season. Can’t wait!

No payment info is not required at this time (and actually the payment page is closed while we update systems)!

You will just need your basic team info to sign up. We only ask that the contact email provided belongs to a mentor (and not a student).

Ok sounds good!

It took 6 minutes this year. All other registrations will now go into Ready Reserves, however we really do typically end up extending invites to most if not all of the waitlist, so please don’t hesitate to sign up!

We will try to get the registration list posted later today, and BC rule changes and other updates are forthcoming soon!

We signed up but may have to drop pending student availability on this date. I will notify the event asap if we need to drop (probably within the next week or so).

The list of challengers and ready reserves is now available on the web: https://web.wpi.edu/news/Events/BattleCry/challengers.html

It will update automatically as the list inevitably changes.

Hope you all can make it, it was a lot of fun watching you guys play in Hartford!

1 More question, are team members able to buy the food at the event with their own personal money or does everything have to be done through registration? Also, how do we pay?

Hi, folks/Colleen –

Is there a separate payment page/system? It does not appear live yet for me in the registration system yet. Or do we need to call with payment info or send a check? If so, where do we send it and who do we make it payable to? Thanks much.

The payment system has been fixed. You should be able to log in and pay from the Invoice page, or follow the direct link for payment sent in an email to teams today.

For food, you can purchase food on-site, although we cannot guarantee extra BBQ, Ice Cream, or bag lunches will be available. You can change/update meal requests until about a week before the event, so I suggest you figure out who wants what on the team and update the order. Teams are also welcome to bring in their own food.

Rule Updates have been posted! https://web.wpi.edu/news/Events/BattleCry/rules.html

[Please ignore the terrible formatting on the page… WPI has transitioned away from the CMS the page is in and the BC site is the last to move since we needed it ready for this event.]

Unfortunately we’ll have to drop and free up space for others :confused: Hopefully next year we are able to plan ahead for this event.

Is there a timetable for when information on this years event will become available?
Or event dates?