I was looking at our website stats today and I saw this.

visitors	             Pages	Hits	Bandwidth	Last visit
bcsg.arc.nasa.gov              	14	29	1.54 GB	             05 Apr 2008 - 20:02

does anybody now what bcsg.arc.nasa.gov is and why they downloaded 1.5 GB of data?

Could it be your Hi-Def videos?

O.O You guys have Hi-Def videos? How did I not find out about this lol.

Why can’t we have nice things.:stuck_out_tongue:

Videos are here
and there was a thread about it…I’ll see if I can dig it up.
Edit: The thread

so is it just somebody in nasa watching them, or are they archiving them?

.arc. I would assume means archives.

No. ARC is the Ames Research Center. Cheesy Poofs anyone?


BCSG is the Big Collider Study Group


The NASA Robotic Alliance Project (Mark Leon, et al) resides at Ames Research Center. Maybe they’re downloading videos??

Well, you’re the one that put the videos on your website for all to see… so… now all are seeing. :wink:

Did you guys get an overage charge for too much bandwith usage or something? Or are you all just curious?


I vote cory

No overage charges. I has barely used up 2% of this months bandwidth.
Just being curious.

Perhaps it was for advanced intelligence recon in the event 254 & 39 meet on Einstein?


That’s our robotics lab. We downloaded all the Vegas elims in HD when you guys put them up.

Sherlock award goes to Andrew