BDC-COMM & CANJaguar function in C++

I have used the BDC-COMM to implement my PID loop. The mode was Speed, encoder PPR 360, and Quadrature Encoder as my Reference. The problem though is that I found out in Windriver, the PID loop while using CAN was jittery and unstable.

My code In Windriver:
SslTwo->SetPID(-.003, -.013, 0);

I also notice that the Integral part (,ki,) alone of the loop, when implemented in Windriver gave the erratic jittery behavior. While in the BDC-COMM it worked perfectly. Can I get some assistance on this, how come the PID loop erraticly jitters in Windriver and not in BDC-COMM?

Are you sure you aren’t disabling and enabling? Also are you sure your units are correct? I’m not sure that the units in the bdc-comm are the same as the API in WPILib. Maybe your constants are wrong.

I actually figured out that you can’t do a slave and master using CAN, it was the problem that made everything jittery.