BDC-COMM does not recognize Jaguars

We are trying to update our old Jaguars to the latest firmware. We have a USB to serial converted plugged into a serial to CAN adapter, plugged into a Black Jaguar on the left port. The right port has a CAN terminator in it.

BDC-COMM recognizes the serial port, but doesn’t recognize the Jaguar. The Jaguar continues to blink slowly yellow.

verify your pinouts

the serial to can should be DB9 pin 3 to RJ-12 pin 1, , pin 5 to 5, and pin 2 to 6. the adapter should also have a 100 ohm resistor between pins 3 and 4 on the RJ-12

the terminator should have a 100 ohm resistor between pin 3 and 4. did you directly crimp the resistor? if so, it may have shorted… i usually crimp wires in and solder the resistor to the wires to prevent that.

Thanks for your help! Turns out I didn’t get the CAN terminator plugged all the way in. :rolleyes: You really gotta wait for it to snap.

Checking our connections on the DB9 to RJ12 did help, though, since we discovered one of our connectors wasn’t wired correctly.

good to hear. i hate it when that happens… i went through a db9 to rj12 adapter finding out that the colors are backwards… but since we found them for $.50 a pop and bought 5, I had 4 i could make.