BDC-Comm Problems when setting jaguars up for CAN

We have been experiencing many issues attempting to use the BDC-Comm utility to set up our jaguars for use on a CAN network.

The getting started PDF for the jaguars state that before use on a CAN network the jaguars should be assigned unique IDs and have their firmware updated.

We’ve rebuilt the CAN terminator and serial to CAN connector and verified the pin outs and 100 ohm resistance with a multimeter, and attempted this procedure on multiple black jaguars.

BDC-Comm can “connect” to our jaguars when they are present. Whenever we attempt to assign a new board ID we get strange behavior that seems to change based on the ID selected.

This is the procedure we are using.

  1. open BDC-comm
  2. verify that we can disconnect and then reconnect to the jaguar (the jaguar’s light continues to blink yellow even though bdc-comm states we are connected, although the light does go solid at other points, see the bold below…)
  3. open the system tab
  4. type in a new board id in the “New Board ID:” field
  5. press the “Assign” button
  6. Quickly stick a paperclip in the “user” button on the jaguar

We are getting different behavior based on the selected board ID

Here are the behaviors we have observed:

Selecting board ID 2:
Firmware version goes to “2”
Board information goes to “none, motor controller”
A “TEMP FAULT” appears
Selecting board ID 3:
Firmware version goes to “3”
Board information goes to “none, relay”
The **yellow light on the jaguar goes solid **as the assign counts down
A red fault condition appears with no text
Selecting board ID 8:
The **yellow light on the jaguar goes solid **as the assign counts down
BDC-Comm crashes.

Since we’ve tried this on multiple jaguars with multiple “tested” cables, we are basically at a loss at this point.

Is anyone experiencing anything like this trying to use BDC-Comm?

Are you useing only one jaguar connected to the black jaguar at one time?

And to confirm that your cables are properly made when you hold the RS-232 and the RJ-11 cable face up so the contacts are facing you, are they the same or reversed. If there the same there made correctly if not you must make the cable so that they appear the same.

If they are done correctly the cables will resemble the cable pictured here.

Lastly can you move the motors in BDC-COMM


Actually all we have is a single jaguar connected to a PC with a serial to CAN connector. There are no other jaguars connected.

No new progress above what is outlined in the first post. Thanks for the heads up though.

Are you using the CAN adaptor outlined here if you are you must use a black Jaguar because even though you are using a RJ-12 cable the signal is still RS-232 and the black Jaguar acts as a bridge for the other Jaguars converting the RS-232 signal to CAN. The old Jaguars don’t have RS-232 only CAN.

Ack, looks like I failed to mention that the single jaguar we are using is a black jaguar. We constructed a serial to CAN adapter and plugged it into the computer and the “IOIO net” jack on the black jaguar. We have a terminator plugged in to the other “net” jack on the black jaguar.

It just seems like the BDC-Comm program is working intermittently because the black jaguar doesn’t get reprogrammed, but the yellow flashing light goes solid when we attempt to assign certain ID numbers so there must be some sort of communication making it to the black jaguar.

I tried to visit the link you posted but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. You aren’t saying that I have to have a one black jaguar connected to another one that is connected to the computer to make this work, right?

Thanks for the help.

I would make double or tripple certain that your RJ12 cable pin-out is correct. The stock “off the shelf” RJ12 cables usually have the wrong pinout.

Hold the 2 ends of the cable with the contacts facing upwards, the wire colours inside should be identical. not reversed from each other.

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I had this same problem, cut off the RJ-12 and replace it with the connector flipped 180. That will fix your issue, BDC-Comm somehow still works if the connector is flipped. If it is communiating right, and it starts counting down to assign the ID the Jaguar will flash green. When I had the cable backwards it went solid red during the count down.

The advice to cut off the connector and attach a new one rotated 180 degrees worked. Thanks for all the help everyone!

This is why reading an entire post is important, The advice was given in the very FIRST response.

His issue was with the serial cable not a CAN cable.

RS-232 = serial.

I’m not trying to make people angry, just please read carefully!

I’m a little hesitant to jump in here, but I did read Sean’s post and read it again after the most recent comments. I’m not sure any amount an analysis of it would have lead me to attempt the 180 rotation fix which kingofleet suggested. This is mostly because it doesn’t seem clear how to hold the serial port when doing this comparison. If you held the 5 pin side of the serial port closest to you the results would be opposite from if you held the 4 pin side closest to you. Again, I may just be misunderstanding the suggestion though…

I think that it would be really helpful to document the correct sequence of wire colors from left to right entering the “net ioio” port of the jaguar when facing the jaguar from the front with a serial to CAN adapter plugged in to it. It could be that this information is already out there though and we missed it.

In fact there is a color code in the documentation from TI. I would have thought it would be useful too. That is until the RJ11 to DB9 adapter kit I got had the wire colors on the RJ11 backward from what it is on the one TI used to make the instructions. Wasted a single insertion adapter. The pin numbers and a clear diagram of how to identify the pin numbers would be best.