Be on the lookout for Robokong's team trailer

Our team trailer was stolen last night in Riverside, southern CA.

Be on the lookout for it or anyone selling robot parts.

If you have info, call me any time at 951.790.9216


This is terrible.

Maybe teams in the area can send out an email blast to their team/supporters to be on the lookout for it.


i would call the local news stations, and maybe the paper. THey might do a story and help you track it down.

Thanks for your suggestions, contacting the news was a good idea.

Email blasts have been sent to local team mailing lists and tons of shares on Facebook and twitter.

Getting a lot more action from social media than from the police unfortunately.

Good luck Sisk!

People in the world suck sometimes. :frowning:

I hate it when team trailers get stolen… I remember when 1730’s was stolen a few years back.

I hope it didn’t have anything important inside…

This is why I suggest any team with a trailer invest in a denver boot or the like…

It’s downright low to steal an FRC teams trailer (not that it isn’t awful for anyone). I’ll keep an eye out for it but I doubt it’ll turn up on the east coast. You never know, though.

Do you have a picture of it so people can easily recognize it? I HIGHLY Doubt it will travel into Canada especially becuase it wont make it across the border but still…

The one in the first post isn’t showing for you?

Re-Posted to Pirate4x4 Stolen Vehicle forum. There’s a lot of members out in Riverside. I hope it is recovered!

Actually some good is happening already (but no trailer yet sadly)

We are getting a huge amount of publicity, Channel 2 news is interviewing Dona right now
The police officer that took the report this morning wants to get his 9yo daughter involved in robotics
We have had offers from two teams to help replace the stuff we lost and an offer from The Holy Cows to lend us a robot for offseason events
Met one of our neighbors through a FB post about the theft
Over 50 reposts on Facebook

And who knows, we may even get the trailer back at some point ;>

This is definitely going on the Chairman’s Award for unique ways to spread the message about FIRST

it actually isnt… it finally came up with a error thing tho.

picture for those who can’t see it

Really sorry to hear about this Sisk… I have checked Craigslist - Inland Empire and nothing has shown up yet…

When the world gives you lemons make lemonade serve it at your press conference to expand the program. It’s good to see you guys are making the most of a bad situation and I hope you get your property back soon.

Good luck! I hope it makes it way back to you soon.

Shared your memo on Facebook. We’re 400 miles away, but hey, you never know.

If it does get found, get one of these ASAP!

I have spread the word to my team as well as a few other teams in the LA area that we are in contact with. If anyone sees it, they know to call the number posted at the beginning of the thread. I really hope that you guys find it soon!

Speaking of trailer wheel locks, I was recently considering the acquisition of one. Does this model come well recommended? (I’m a little worried about the keys they use: aren’t those the very generic type that used to be used to lock computers?)

I was also thinking of getting one of these to complement the wheel lock.

And does anyone know of a tiny, cheap, GPS tracking kit that one could install in the ventilation dome?

The trailer had one of these, not sure how it was bypassed

And one of these, it was cut…