Beach Blitz 2018


The Orange County Robotics Alliance (OCRA) Presents: Beach Blitz

Check out our trailer!
When: October 12-14 (Friday Night Load In and Workshops)
Where: Marina High School, Huntington Beach, California
Registration: $350 *

*Excess funds from Beach Blitz will be used for team grants

We are so excited to announce that Beach Blitz will be returning for the third year!
This will be an off-season FRC competition playing Power Up with a few game modifications that will be released closer to the event. We also offer workshops and panels in the evening to benefit our teams!

As always our focus at the event is on team experience as well as volunteer training!


Team Applications
Application Open: June 1
Application Closes: July 8
Invitations Sent: July 20

Workshop/Panel Applications
Application Opens: June 1st
Application Closes: July 27
Invitations sent: August 5
Submit Final Material: October 6


We need many volunteers to make Beach Blitz successful! If you are interested in helping out, please fill out this form.

Remember, you do not need ANY experience to sign up for roles, we will always try to put you in a role that gives you training in what you want to do (no matter the age!).

More Information

Check out our event website.

Keep up with us for exclusive giveaways!
Snapchat: @frcbeachblitz

We hope to see you there!


Finally! We’ve been waiting for this to come out for a while :slight_smile: . We missed it last year but we went to the 2016 one and it was a blast (and my own first experience with FRC)


Glad we caught ya this time !!




Excited to do social media for this event! I’ve heard nothing but good things and can’t wait to finally attend myself :slight_smile:


Good stuff. 3863 is excited to sign up!


Robokong is signed up for attending and volunteering! Can’t wait


Any idea when the list of selected teams will be completed?


We will send invitations July 20 and post here.


Can’t Wait!!!


Maybe I’ll make it out this year…


Totally stoked for Beach Blitz this year! It’s gonna be gnarly, dude. Me and the broskis are pumped to hop in the Mazdarati and surf down for this totally wicked event (am I doing this right, Tom?)


Stick to the NorCal lingo, bruh.


Check out the final trailer!
(Now linked in the original message)


Quick reminder: lots of volunteers are needed to make this event happen. And we’re always looking for great workshops. You are welcome to volunteer and apply to host a workshop even if your team does not apply to compete at Beach Blitz!


We’re at the half way point of the app window!

Please take a break after watching World Cup matches to get those team apps in. We’re already getting a lot of submissions from some awesome teams and can’t wait to see what the next three weeks bring.


**We have 8 days until team apps are closed!
There are currently 41 applicants including teams from CA, AZ, and even ID!

Make sure to stay tuned on July 20th for an announcement on the final teams :slight_smile:

In the meantime please make sure tosign up to volunteer (lots of slots left to be filled) and apply to teach a workshop!
For those asking…
Rule Changes**

We will be playing a slightly modified version of FIRST Power Up. Exact rule changes will be posted later in the summer. We have no plans for drastic changes and will follow for the most part Chezy Champs Rule Updates once they are released.


Hope you guys consider relaxing G09 - Launching. At the La Habra Citrus Fair, we allowed launching without penalty unless the cube went out of the field, then it was a Tech Foul.


Oh, and 13 of the applied teams were at World Champs this year… many did very well.

Rick, G09 is most likely going to be softened. If anyone else has suggestions on rules mods, please feel free to post here.


Only 3 more days left to submit your team apps !