Beach Blitz 2018


**Beach Blitz 2018 Rule Updates
(They are the same as Chezy Champs except with 3 team alliances).

**There will be no robot inspections conducted, and teams are allowed an extra five (5) pounds weight for repairs and minor modifications. Event organizers may conduct ad-hoc inspections at any time; violations identified must be corrected before the robot can participate in subsequent matches, and teams may be retroactively disqualified from past matches for egregious violations that resulted in a competitive advantage.

**Gameplay **(changes to existing rules underlined)
In general, minor violations of game rules that, in the best judgement of the REFEREES, meet ALL of the below conditions, will not be penalized:
Are accidental
Do not pose a safety hazard
Do not change the difficulty of the game for either alliance

G09. Launching POWER CUBES is mostly okay. Robots may launch power cubes without restriction, so long as doing so would not also violate S01, G20, G21, G24, or G25.

**G22. One POWER CUBE per ROBOT. **ROBOTS may not control more than one (1) POWER CUBE at a time, except when breaking the plane of their own EXCHANGE ZONE.

G25. PLATES are moved by POWER CUBES, not ROBOTS. Except via the weight of placed POWER CUBES, ROBOTS may not directly or transitively cause or prevent the movement of PLATES to their ALLIANCE’s advantage. Movement, or prevention of movement, of PLATES because of momentary ROBOT action resulting in minimal PLATE displacement is not a violation of this rule. A ROBOT forced to affect the position of a PLATE because of contact by an opponent ROBOT either directly or transitively through a POWER CUBE or other ROBOT (e.g. a ROBOT wedged underneath the SCALE by the opposing ALLIANCE either intentionally or accidentally) is not a violation of this rule.

A04. Stay out of your opponent’s side of the FIELD. During AUTO, no part of a ROBOT’S BUMPERS may pass from the NULL TERRITORY to the opponent’s side of the FIELD.
Violation: FOUL. If contact is made with an opponent ROBOT in their side of the FIELD (either direct contact or transitive contact through a POWER CUBE), TECH FOUL and YELLOW CARD. If the contact prevents the opponent ALLIANCE from achieving the AUTO QUEST, the associated Ranking Point will be granted automatically.

**Alliance Selection
**Beach Blitz will have 3 team playoff alliances. All rules governing their selection and operation will be identical to those for Championship playoff alliances in section 10.11.1 in the official manual.

Student Tours
In our feedback over the last 2 years we have had a request to add a “tour” feature so new FRC students have the opportunity to learn about FRC at competition from other teams.

Tours start at about 9am when all the volunteer training and preparations are complete. Each tour is estimated to be approx. 25-35 minutes.
More information will be in team packets (students can still participate in tours, even if your team is not competing)

Tours include:
A full explanation of the game
Competition 101
Chance to speak to teams 1 on 1
Explanation on workshops and how to choose which to go to
Progression of Programs
Q & A with FRC Alum
and more!


Volunteer Assignments will be coming up in the next couple weeks, but we still have a few spots available (judging, scoring, crowd control)
Make sure to sign up to volunteer here


Hey everyone!

All volunteer assignments are being sent out, if you do not receive your assignment by the end of the day please email beachblitz [AT] ocra [dot] io


Merch Alert!

Beach Blitz Merch is up for presale until Sep 22!
We have limited quantities at the event, so make sure to buy now.
Order your T shirt and Water Bottle here!


Hey all!
Beach Blitz is approaching, we are so excited!
Teams will recieve team packets in the coming weeks, but for now we wanted to share our workshop details.
This year we are only doing 1 night of Workshops based on feedback from previous years.
Check it out!

Event Director


I know my account might get deleted for this…but…


Any word on if there will be practice matches Friday night or not? I’m trying to determine if I need to order a bus for Friday night or not.


There will be practice matches Friday night.
Team packets with more info will be sent Friday!


Team packets have just been sent and matches should be available within the next couple hours on TBA.


Shirts look nice.


Lots of very intense matchups in quals! Looking forward to this


Quals 43 looks good… and scary for us.


With the G09 modification, Q13 promises to be highly entertaining. Ditto for Q38 (though with the shooters on the same side instead of against each other).


Team Tators is packing the trailer for an evening departure to HB. Looking forward to playing with friends and making new ones!


Matches are under way! Check out the webcast at!


Conspiracy theory time: There is no team 2122, it’s been 254 all along.



If you missed it match 31 was wild.


Troll, troll, troll… Match 31 definitely had more than 1 moving red robot.

Match 31 was replayed at the end of the day due to field issues.


Youre a troll. Outcome of the match was still the same.