Beach Blitz 2018


Suggestion that will probably get the Head Ref mad at me: I think Blitz has the infrastructure to offer video reviews. See TRI.


I’m sure you’ve heard it has been used successfully at TRI for awhile. I think it would be interesting to give it a try at BB


All video review displayed on big screen and decision made via audience shouts and dB meter


stronghold audience selection flashbacks


I 110% forgot about that.


Exactly what I was going for…

Although I gotta say, I like Zook’s suggestion too. Maybe play whatever the refs are looking at on the big screen?


Applications close tomorrow! Time to get those last ones in :slight_smile:


So far 45 teams have applied. Are you one of them? Are your buddy teams among them?
Today is the last day to apply.


Hey everyone!

Do you have a special skill or experience you want to share? Something that would benefit other teams if they learned about it? Having trouble getting an audience so you have to resort to giving presentations in the shower?

Well worry no longer! Beach Blitz is looking for some top of the line FIRSTers to lead workshops and panels, and you (yes, I mean you!) are the perfect fit! Your invaluable knowledge of technical things / non-technical things / potatoes makes you the most valuable addition to this already stellar offseason!

To apply to give a workshop, please fill out this form with information on yourself and the workshop/panel you would be interested in giving. We only have so many available slots, so sign up quickly!


I am from team 6072 Triton Tech and we are eager to participate in Beach Blitz 2018. We would be happy to share a pit as we feel it would help both our new and veteran members to establish relationships and learn from other teams. Is there another team out there that would like to share a pit with us? I know there are some teams on the wait list but we are looking for a team that recently received a request to respond to a google form. Hope to hear from someone tomorrow if possible as the form is due on Friday.


Thank you for the offer. We’ll handle the pit assignments after we officially release team invitations.


Our full invite list will be posted here tomorrow!
We have world champions, award winners, and even a team from over 900 miles away!

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Make sure to follow us (check the op) on all social media to stay up to date!


Will there be corn?


No, but I just bought a snow cone machine and am bringing it to BB


Check out the full Beach Blitz 2018 Lineup!

It was really tough to choose only 36 teams out of the 54 that applied. We wish we had room for everyone!

We can’t wait for Oct 12!
Stay tuned for rule updates, giveaways, and shirt pre orders! :slight_smile:

Teams who did not qualify will be notified within the week about the waitlist!


Great looking lineup! We’re honored to be invited to play among these distinguished teams. We’re looking forward to it!


We’re excited! Stoked to be able to play with some old friends. Can’t wait to see what we can learn from those Idahoans.


Teams who did not get an invite should have just received an email on waitlist positions as well as links to other local offseason events.

Let us know if you have any questions!


When will we hear back about volunteer assignments? Had a ton of fun last year and hope I can help out again!


Volunteer Assignments will be sent early September!

If you need to know sooner let us know and we’ll do our best to let you know your role!

Speaking of, we have some more volunteer slots to fill, make sure to sign up with the link on the OP!