Beach Blitz 2019

Beach Blitz is back for another year in sunny Southern California!
Check out this year’s hype video!

When: October 11-13, 2019 (With Friday Night Load-In & Field Time)
Where: Marina High School (Huntington Beach, CA)
Registration: $350

Team 3309, Team 4276, and the rest of the planning committee are excited to be back for another fantastic year of Beach Blitz! This year we will be playing the 2019 FRC Game, Destination: Deep Space, with some modifications. As always, our goal for Beach Blitz is to provide the absolute best possible experience for teams, train the next volunteer force in California, and provide educational workshops to our participating teams.
We hope you can join us!
As always, spectator attendance is FREE!

Team Applications
Fill out this application form if your team is interested in attending! Please note we have changed some questions on the application from years past, please keep an eye out!

Team Application Timeline
Application Open: June 1
Application Closed: July 8
Invitations Sent by July 20

We need many volunteers to make Beach Blitz a success! We want to provide you with the best possible event for you to grow as a volunteer in our community.
We are also unveiling our understudy program, every key role now is accompanied with an understudy position!
If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up here.

Workshops/ Panels
Everyone knows something someone else doesn’t, and through Beach Blitz workshops or panels, you can share your unique knowledge and perspective with enthusiastic learners in the community. Regardless of skill or experience, everyone has something of value to contribute, so let us know what you may be interested in sharing at Beach Blitz! Please apply to teach a workshop or participate in a panel here.

More information is available on the event website.

If you aren’t already check us out on our social media pages for up to date info and exclusive giveaways!

Instagram: @beach_blitz
Snapchat: frcbeachblitz


Thank you so much, looking forward to a great competition, competing if we are selected. Volunteering no matter what.

6960 Rusty Huskies


@Pauline_Tasci Thank’s for continuing to put on this off season.

Thanks for coming in clutch last year and driving down to volunteer! Can’t wait for this year!

696 has applied. We very much appreciate this high-quality, affordable, and local event. I know there’s always a lot of demand for our event, but if there is any extra space for practice robots, we’d love to bring ours and let our new students be their own team with it. We’re willing to pay 2x registration and share the one pit space, or have one work outdoors or something. We did this rookie student practice bot team at the Fall Classic for a couple years and it was really beneficial for the students, but we haven’t been able to do it at any events in the past several years.

Thank you guys for applying and the kind words, truly means a lot!
Unfortunately we most likely can’t accommodate 2 entries, if there is room post application close we will let you (and the other teams) know!


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I have confirmation that Fall Classic will be happening, not at the same time as Beach Blitz, but for whatever reason it hasn’t been officially announced. I’ve been putting some pressure on the organizers to get the announcement out. If it’s anything like the last couple of years they’ll have room for second robots and to spare. Send 'em that way once the announcement is out.

Though I suspect most 2nd-robot teams won’t be able to make it, see also Chezy Champs.


Don’t forget to get those team applications in before full summer mode takes over!

We’re also looking for some more interesting and educational workshops, so if you have an idea, please fill in the workshop application, too.


If only Fall Classic didn’t overlap with Beach Blitz or Chezy so that teams could get all they want. 2 drive teams able to practice, very competitive SoCal event and a super competitive NorCal event.

Chezy Champs Sep 27-29
Beach Blitz Oct 11-12
Fall Classic - Unknown but still has a chance to not overlap

Not officially announced, Rick.

But when I say it’ll overlap with Chezy, I mean that I’ve heard the same thing from multiple sources at SCRRF. And my response is usually “so when are you going to announce it?”

I would like to point out that the fundamental mission of Classic is different than Chezy or even Blitz. It’s always about “show up and play” not “bring the best teams”.


Request to keep this thread about Beach Blitz only as to not clog the thread when people are looking for information.

To echo Tom, we have many spots open for Volunteering + Workshops, if you want to apply now is the time to do it!

Team Apps are also still open and we would love to have more teams apply! :slight_smile:

There are just 2 weeks left for teams to apply to Beach Blitz 2019! Make sure to get your applications in as soon as possible!

Feel free to ask any questions, we’re always happy to help! :slight_smile:

Less than one week left for those apps to be submitted! Anyone following this thread who hasn’t applied should get a move on.

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Beach Blitz team apps close in just 2 days! Make sure to get your applications in!

At app closing, we had just over 50 applications for this years Beach Blitz, including division winners, a 2019 championship winner, regional winners, chairman’s finalists, and more! Absolutely wild!

Stay tuned for July 20 when we reveal team invitations and a brand new contest that could snag your team some cool prizes! :cloud_with_lightning:

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Last year, 36 teams were competed at Beach Blitz. Are you expected a similar number this year?

Yes, we are planning on 36 teams for this year

Stay tuned, we will be premiering our 2019 Beach Blitz Invite list tomorrow!
Via chief, email, and our socials.
Make sure to follow us to get the most up to date info!

Instagram: @beach_blitz
Snapchat: frcbeachblitz

Beach Blitz would like to premiere our 2019 invite list!

We had a record number of applications this year, but could only choose 36 teams to compete at Beach Blitz 2019, making team selection very difficult.

Invited teams, please make sure to check your email for more info including Beach Blitz grants, t-shirt contests, and more!