Beach Blitz 2020 (Virtual) Event Announcement

Maybe the Beach Blitz bump will help these up-and-comers toward future success.


That looks like an awesome lineup, will all the presentations/panels be recorded?

That looks like an awesome lineup, will all the presentations/panels be recorded?

Yes! All workshops will be recorded and posted on our youtube channel!



Beach Blitz registration closes THIS Friday!
The event is free and you do not need to participate in all events!

Note: Make sure to use the proper registration forms. All FRC teams should fill out a general registration, each minibot/scouting subteam then must fill out the respective minibot/scouting forms.

Thank you. Does each individual participant also need to register? And, can mentors register minibot teams for the participants, or do they need to do so themselves.

See example below:

a. Each FRC/FLL/FTC/VEX team should complete 1 general registration
b. In order to participate in either the minibot or scouting competition,
each individual group (1-3 students) must register for that event.
c. Example: Team 9528 wants to register nine students, broken up into
three smaller teams, to participate in the minibot competition. Team
9528 must fill out one general registration form and three separate
minibot registration forms.

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PJ and the TBAs, my favorite group


Virtual Beach Blitz is gearing up for an exciting event in just 2 weeks!
Make sure to register before Friday (October 23) if your team is interested.

We have issued Update #2 for the Minibot Competition
Check it out here.

The game manual has also been updated with the above updates.

As always, if anyone has questions feel free to reach out here or email us (

Make sure to check our website out for latest info (

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We’re in need of a few more judges for Beach Blitz! The shift is from 2020-11-07T17:00:00Z2020-11-07T21:00:00Z. We have both technical and non-technical roles available.

If you’re free, please sign up:

Assignments will go out to those who already signed up by the weekend.


We’re happy to announce our full line up for the “The Elephant in the Shop: Promoting Positive Mental Health Culture in FRC” panel! We hope that our panelists and this conversation can have a positive impact on our teams and help start a conversation about these topics amongst our students, parents, mentors, and volunteers.

Our full line-up will be:
Moderator: PJ Lewalski (3538)
Panelists: Kristine Atiyeh (125), Livy T. (1678), Frank Merrick (HQ)


Can’t wait to to attend the workshops!!!


Wow! An underrated topic that deserves to be spoken about!

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:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


I was waiting for that TBA to become official :wink:

I’m honored that Frank wanted to be a part of this discussion.


Reminder that Beach Blitz registration closes TODAY at midnight!

Make sure to get your team signed up for our events (completely free and you don’t have to participate in all events)!

Our grants will only be open to registered teams, more information will be sent in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to BB 2020 in just 2 weeks!

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We currently have over 20 groups signed up for the scouting hackathon and over 40 teams ready to build minibots! Below are the current FRC teams we have registered for the event in general:

4 85 100 253 254 299 599 612 670 687 696 834 980 1072 1138 1159 1160 1197 1259 1746 1836 2137 2168 2170 2220 2637 3128 3309 3473 3476 3512 3538 3847 3863 4079 4159 4201 4276 4619 4999 5012 5199 5414 5430 5857 6072 6328 6479 6762 6904 6960 7042 7157 7428 7461 8060 8114

Only a couple more hours left before registration closes! Make sure you get your form in before midnight PST!


Thank you for organizing this event. We are incredibly excited. We have a few questions about the event in general, and the mini-bot competition specifically.

  1. Mini-bot… Are we allowed to connect the robot to the pole by hand as the starting position?
    2)Mini-bot… How is the start time determined? We are wondering if it is adventageous to use auto control v teleop.
  2. Event in general… Is there a way we can work with you all to test all the technologies we will need to use to access the event? We may have students use school-issued chromebooks, and we found out today that Vimeo is blocked by our web filter (which is in full effect even when students are at home). This could happen with any other tech too.

~Mr. R^2

  1. Yes you can connect the robot by hand to the pole.

  2. The start time/ instructions on how we are scoring will be out this weekend.

  3. All workshops will be streamed on twitch and judging/ elimination rounds will be on zoom. Happy to test our tech with your team if needed!


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Beach Blitz is less than a week away!

Public Event Information:

  • Dates: November 5-8th
  • Full schedule can be found in the team packet below
  • Workshops and elimination rounds will be streamed on our twitch channel!
  • Any team, regardless if they are registered for BB 2020, can tune into these events and ask questions!

Registered Team Information:
Last night we sent our team packet out to registered teams that contains:

  • Schedule
  • Workshop Information
  • FRC Trivia Information
  • Minibot Progress Report Info
  • Minibot Scoring Info
  • Scouting Hackathon Submission Details
  • Judging Criteria
  • Beach Blitz/ OCRA Grant Application

If there are any questions, always feel free to reach out!


The BB 2020 Planning Committee is very excited for Beach Blitz 2020 this week!
A nice distraction from a crazy year.

Some final notes:

  • FRC Trivia signups here: Beach Blitz 2020 - Trivia Night Signup
    Please make sure to sign up if you want to participate.

  • Grants are open to all participating teams who are competing in either minibot or scouting competition. See team packet above for links/ information.

  • If you have questions for any of our workshop or panelists before the event, please feel free to ask a question here (you can make it anonymous) Beach Blitz 2020 - Q/A Submission Form

See everyone this Thursday-Sunday!

Pauline Tasci
Event Director

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