Beach Blitz 2021 | Scouting Hackathon | Sign Up By 10/16 | Open To Everyone

Along side our in-person competition, the Beach Blitz Planning Committee is excited to bring back our Scouting Hackathon for 2021!

The purpose of the hackathon is to provide students an outlet to practice and show off their skills in scouting and strategy! We want to see creative and thoughtful solutions to these situations in FIRST Robotics.

The goal for this year’s Scouting Hackathon is to showcase a system or technology developed to help with scouting and strategy in our COVID world. This could include match validation systems using The Blue Alliance to check collected data, data models to predict team performance after competitions two years ago, sets of paper scouting sheets to help inexperienced scouts collect data, or even a computer vision system to watch matches and count power cells! There are endless projects to show off, your imagination is the limit.

This Scouting Hackathon is open to all FRC participants, regardless of if your team is participating in the in-person Beach Blitz event. Please register your team to participate here by October 16th and submit your project by October 30th. For more rules and FAQs, please read the full rules found here.

All submissions will be shown off at our in-person event and over the live stream and winners will be announced there!

Happy hacking and be sure to sign up by October 16th!


Hi everyone! We are extending the hackathon sign up deadline to this Friday, October 22! We currently have teams 1574, 3473, 2658, and 3476 signed up!

Please register your team to participate here.


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