Beach Blitz - October 8-9 - Huntington Beach, California

We’re exited to share more details about the brand new Orange County off season event that is currently in the works!

Event Website
When Saturday and Sunday, October 8-9, 2016 (Friday load-in)
Where Marina High School, Huntington Beach, CA
Registration TBD

We’d love for teams who are interested to express commitment with the signup form on our website so that we can assess the number of teams interested and plan accordingly. If you can help out as a volunteer, please fill out the volunteer interest form on the site as well.

More details to follow!


**Rule Updates will be as follows:

  1. 3.1.4 Tower Strength - 10 per all matches

    CLASS A: Cheval de Frise
    CLASS B: Ramparts or Moat
    CLASS C: Sally Port
    CLASS D: Rough Terrain or Rock Wall
    CLASS E: Low Bar (Always in play and in position 1.)

    QUALIFICATIONS - Defenses and their placements, excluding the LOW BAR, will be randomly selected. Each placement will last a full ROUND of QUALIFICATION MATCHES. There will be no AUDIENCE SELECTION.
    ELIMINATIONS - Defenses and their placements, excluding the LOW BAR will be selected by the opposing alliance. There will be no AUDIENCE SELECTION

  4. G38 Clarification - Driving over or getting stuck on a boulder while holding another bolder will not be a violation of G38.

  5. R5 A +5 pound weight allowance is provided. There is no formal inspection, however if a referee questions a robot inspection it will be verified.

6: G13: During AUTO, ROBOTS may not enter the volume above the other alliance’s AUTO LINE

If teams have any questions please feel free to reply to this thread.
3309,3476, and 4276 are very excited to be co-hosting this event!

What? No Portcullis for the hosts to have yet another mishap with? :ahh::rolleyes::p:yikes:

I’ll have to check my weekend schedule about coming down to volunteer, definitely considering it though.

Disneyland isn’t far away from Marina HS either! :smiley:

We’ll likely attend. Can I put in a request for the event organizers to be super cool and start this event a little later than the early times that are typical of FIRST events? Like, can we do doors open at 9 instead of 8?

We will put that into consideration, but since we are hosting workshops in the evening, it might be a very hard request to fulfill.

2493 Robokong is signed up!

Yeah, I’d like to surf in the morning :wink:

Also, for non-local teams, if you’re thinking of getting a hotel here is a link to search. LINK

And while October isn’t exactly summer anymore, the beaches are usually more empty and the water isn’t too cold yet.

What is the cost for this event?

We’ve left this as ‘TBD’ for now since it’s our first time running the event and our financials will depend in large part on how many teams can attend. We expect to be in line with other events in SoCal, with accommodations for teams who need assistance and can also provide volunteer support.

Do you have a ballpark idea? $200 is a lot different than $500.

Ballpark is $200-$300. If a team brings 2 robots, you also do not pay two registration fees fully.

There will be “scholarships” of sorts for teams who cannot afford to compete but would benefit greatly from attending the offseason.

Cost will be out as soon as possible!
Thank you everyone for working with us to form this offseason.

Can someone leading this event contact me about potential Cooler Master involvement?

We got some ideas…

Just sent a PM.

Please make sure to sign up to volunteer!

ANYONE and EVERYONE can do any role!

Updates coming soon. :wink:

Please refer to our new thread as it has all final details. Thanks!