Beach Bot Battle 2018

All, Please consider joining us in Gulfport Mississippi for the Second Annual Mississippi Power Beach Bot Battle. We are extending the early ($250) registration until 5/15/2018. Soon web registration will be available at

Looking forward to it! We’re already working on making Koopa Troopa into a smaller, faster robot than we brought to Bayou.

We still have room for more teams! If you did not make into the IRI, you can still come have fun at the beach with with us! We have 15 teams currently, including:


No charge for bringing a second bot!

We have Mini-Koopa mostly together - we’ll finish up the initial build and demo at a STEM event at St. Tammany Middle [STRIKE]tomorrow [/STRIKE] *this *morning. Still a few tweaks to go, and we need to get cracking on our air cannon; unlikely we could do a second robot in time, but we’ll keep it in mind next summer.

Had a wonderful time, and the best robot perfromance in our team history (seeded #3: first time ever we were alliance captain)!

Congrats to 346, 2992**, 1912, and 3039b for taking home the plaques!

Thanks to Clint and all the good people at GHS and around Gulfport who put on the event, and of course, all the volunteers! We’ll be back next year, and see most of you at Red Stick Rumble!**

Thanks Gus, We loved having you guys!

It was a wonderful event, Special thanks to Daniel Eiland (MC), Eddie Melton (FTA), Mannie Lowe (scorekeeper), Chris Caddel and FIRST in Texas for supplying/bringing the field! All of our volunteers were absolutely a class act!

Also a big salute to the students and parents of Team Fusion 364, for working very hard at pulling off a great second year event in a brand new forum! These incoming 9th graders are no joke!

The teams from all accounts I have received had a great time. We are already making plans for a bigger better event for next summer.

A little bit of video for the Beach Bot Battle.