Beach Bot Battle (Off-Season) Registration

Team Fusion’s annual off season event (Beach Bot Battle) is quickly approaching! Please consider signing up for this fun weekend event! More information on how to register is included in the flyer below. Please dm or email us if you plan on attending! We can’t wait to see you guys for the competition, and the Beach Social we have planned for Friday night! See you then!


Sorry, but I won’t be able to do the event this year. I’ve already committed to both cooking (smoking pork to pull for sandwiches, making homemade barbecue sauce, and probably some of the other sides) and honchoing a church dinner on Friday 9th. I’ll be smoking all night the 8th, so I won’t want to start my Saturday until around noon.

– Gus


Looks longly out my window to the south

Someday us Indiana teams will make it down there for the epic beach social…


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Is this a LA term, or just a Gus thing? Never heard “honcho” used as a verb.

I’ve definitely heard honcho used as a verb multiple times from different directions. Making a gerund may just be a Gus thing.

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Gus has spoken. Long live the Gus!

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Is there a schedule somewhere? we’re planning a team celebration and would like to know if we need to plan around the event.