Beachbot Recovery Video

I have not been able to find any videos of Team 330 recovering from its two roll-overs and also getting back to the batter in the last seconds after falling from its scale. Does anyone happen to have videos or links to such of these events?

P. Todd Decker
Team 1939

Here you go, full match. around 1:15 mark if you just want to see the flip

Alternate view courtesy of 1676’s wonderful media team.

This was amazing to watch. WTG 330!

After watching this match and being stuck on a very long bus ride home for 14 hours I can say that 330 effectively ruined the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” for me. Why do we fall? So 330 can get back up and still win Einstein.

I made 2 cool gifs of both recoveries!

First recovery-
second fall and recovery-