Beachbots 330 flip/recovery gifs

First recovery-
Scaling fall and recovery with challenge-

You linked to the same gif twice.

I believe you accidentally linked the same gif twice.

Oops, fixed now. :smiley:

If you liked that, check out some of their LA Eliminations action!

The best part is watching the pit crew’s reactions standing next to the scoring table.

Oh man, I think I’d have had a heart attack if I was one of those guys.

Notice how their drivers are calm the entire time. No jumping, pointing or shouting. Just moving some joysticks. They’re in driver’s station 3 in the upper-left side of the screen. At the end of the match the partners have their hands on their heads, possibly worried that the flip cost them the match? Not 330’s drivers - calm, collected.

I re-watched the video and that’s probably the most amazing thing. From the moment of the first flip, they barely even react. Just working the problem. The most reaction you see is the manipulator driver jumping a bit after the second flip, urging the robot to get back up in time for the challenge.

Question to any 330 members in the audience: Do you guys do astronaut level training or something? Throw 5 different problems at the drivers at once and see how they handle it? Or maybe… Maybe the drivers are robots too! 330 was bored with the standard FRC challenge and decided to up their game with robot drivers.

I’ve watched this several times now and i swear thats Woodie to the left next to and slightly behind the field reset crew…another guy comes up behind him between him and the field crew. He claps when 330 gets up. when the fall back the second time he puts his hands to his face like hes thinking “oh no not again”.

Your questions above gave me a good laugh :slight_smile:

We knew that we could recover from the first type of flip because the same thing happened in the LA Regional eliminations. However, we had never recovered or practiced recovering from the second type of fall - that recovery was our operator working on-the-fly knowing what he had under his control. I think their calmness under pressure can be mostly attributed to the fact they are both very collected, mature individuals and that they work together well under stress. Next to that is the many, many hours of driving practice they put in.

As a driver, I can only strive for this level of play. Every year 330 builds an impressive robot, as well as an impressive drive team to compliment it. Hats off to the world champs.

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I think that was him! Mr. Flowers was on the field with the teams before the match started.

Even though we were on the receiving end of that recovery, it was truly amazing (akin to 971’s recovery after flipping at the 2014 Sacramento Regional.)

And I was glad to see that 2990 avoided interfering after the first flip. 330 was down long enough that 2990 could have legally come by and prevented the recovery, but instead gave 330 a wide berth.

Some perspective:

This years 330 drive team demonstrated the ultimate in calm under pressure, skill & adaptability, each having been personally motivated and nurtured by the uniquely effective adult and family relationship permeated via Hope Chapel Academy bigger family way of life. The result are students and adults that are mutually respectful, helpful; great role models for all, not just FIRST but for life.

Shane is perhaps a bit too modest… he has been able to mentor his learned & acquired skills to the team, kudos to all for such demonstrated effectiveness, perhaps even rivaling the master??

My having known & been on the field during Shane’s entire multi year driving “career” with Team 330, I observed his expertise, year after year, NEVER erring in turn direction (independent of fwd or rev direction) as I truly believed Shane to be one with the robot, arguably one of if not the best driver in FIRST competition history.

Shane “relaxes” by putting numerous RC cars through their paces to clear his head?

Respectfully Dale… since 1998-9 when our combined team split into 3,

each developing perennially highly effective & successful teams:

 207  294  330 

hearty congratulations… from one of your proud mentors

Seriously, has to be the most successful set of teams coming from the same home program. 4 World Championships, Countless Regional Wins, and a few Chairman’s for starters.

Make that 5 World Championships ? (I believe) 2 ea for 294 & 330 1 for 207)

It is my honest opinion that 330 has the best drivers in all of first. I was lucky enough to drive with them at the 2015 Ventura Regional, the composure and skill shown by there drivers was nearly unbelievable. Happy to see them win, they deserve it.

Nope, it’s 4. 207 took home the Finalist back in '12 as I recall. Still looking for that elusive Champs win.

There’s also a couple of Division Winners from 330 ('07 and '15), not sure about 294.

We (207) made it to finals in 2012, but no championship wins (yet). We’ve won 3 EI and 1 CA to date. Going off of one of Joe Ross’ posts from a few years ago, I believe that 330 also has an award winning streak of 17 years and 207 has a streak of 15

I’m really happy that this came up; I might be biased, but it’s definitely my favorite tidbit of FRC history :rolleyes: