Beachbots 330 flip/recovery gifs

I wonder if they designed their robot with the intention of being able to get back up when they fell over.
They definitely seem to have practiced it – to execute the maneuver that flawlessly twice can’t possibly be unpracticed.

330 was skunked awardwise in 2013, on top of coming up short against 1717 short of the finals in both of their regionals. The current streak is 3 years, so the previous would have been 13 years (if my quick math is right).

330 does try to have some self-righting features if possible, but they usually serve some other purpose (like scoring points). I’m pretty sure that self-righting isn’t practiced, though…


294 had a 12 year consecutive award streak that was snapped in 2015. This included 2 EI and 1 CA. We also have 2 Divisional wins to go with our 2 championships… Plus countless regional finalists…
I have been meaning to run the data as we have so many silver medals (always finishing 2nd to 330!) that we were beginning to wonder if 294 has the most silver medals in FRC… Always the bridesmaid!

And also Major Props to Shane passing down his knowledge to Zac! Amazing driving man! Perhaps you guys can give a little talent to our driver next year!!!