Beantown Blitz 2019

As always, I’m excited to officially announce this year’s Beantown Blitz!
This year’s Beantown Blitz will be held at Revere High School on Saturday October 19th

Beantown has always strived to help grow our volunteer base in New England, so if you are interested in learning new volunteer roles come on out and get some hands-on experience.

Sign-up form here:


  • Early Bird Deal- Register before September 1st: $225
  • After September 1st: $275

Team registration here:

:money_with_wings:PAYMENT OPTIONS :money_with_wings:
***Payment is due before September 30th and is nonrefundable ***

  • Venmo Invoice: sent to your email linked to your Venmo account - payable by credit card
  • Check made out to Greater Boston 4-H Robotics
  • Mail Checks to:
    Revere High School Attn Joshua Miranda, 101 School St, Revere, MA 02151
    *Please email [email protected] to notify when you have mailed your check - please include team # *

:medal_sports:STUDENT JUDGE PANEL SIGN UP :medal_sports:
As we have done for the last few years, the judging panel at Blitz will be comprised of students. This is a very unique opportunity for students to get a feel for what the real FRC judging process is like as experienced Judge Advisor’s guide you through the event.

Sign-up form here:

The Powering Our Future Award recognizes an outstanding volunteer and or mentor who goes above and beyond to make things better for the FIRST community. This award celebrates a person who inspires students and others with their volunteerism in FIRST and their communities.

Submission form here:
–All submissions are due Friday October 11th and must be submitted by students–

:question: Questions? Email us - [email protected] :question:

Stay tuned to this thread as well as the Facebook event for updates and plenty of more info as we get closer to the Blitz!!




Is it possible to get a team list?

Please be 1323. PLEASE BE 1323

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  • CURRENT TEAM LIST as of 8/27 -
    78 - AIR STRIKE
    88 - Tj2
    88 - TJ2.0
    157 - AZTECHS
    172 - Northern Force
    181 - Birds of Prey
    190 - Gompei & the HERD
    2423 - KwarQs
    5846 - Southcoast Corsairs
    6328 - Mechanical Advantage
    7153 - Aetos Dios, Eagles of Zeus



Thank you Connor very cool :slight_smile:


Do we have an updated team list?

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Hey, I thought 1323 was going to attend this event? Brando, you feeding us fake news??


Team List as of 10/8.
Full schedule and Rule Changes announced tomorrow!

11 days until the O.B. (Original Blitz)!!!


Is this the final list? I though if it would be updated today

Are volunteer positions still open? I’ve been trying to get in contact with the team but I haven’t gotten much info.

If any team in attendance has a battery beak that 246 can borrow for a short time, please come find me in the pits. I’ve been trying to put up with our current method of testing batteries until we can use the AM voucher to get our own, but we just got 4 new batteries that are all reading weird values. The tester we use was left by someone no longer with the team, and no one can quite even understand what it does.

Feel free to pop into 125s pit - you’re welcome to use ours. I’m also curious to see what you’re currently using…

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For teams attending, the following packet was blasted out to team contacts today. Pertinent information all in there

2019 Beantown Blitz Team Packet.pdf (370.5 KB)

Also tune into FUN tonight to check out the draft auction: Beantown Blitz Live Auction Draft Tonight 8:30pm ET - Details

Blitz comin’ in HOT!

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This event is currently live at

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