Beantown Blitz?


It’s two weeks away from the Beantown Blitz and I haven’t seen any information about it. I signed up our team a few weeks ago, but I haven’t seen a teamlist of who is going so I can confirm that we’re in. Has anyone seen any information regarding this or other things like a schedule or load-in information? Thank you!

I know that confirmation emails were sent out a couple weeks ago, but other than that, I haven’t seen anything.

I’ll ping the guys.

Team List and info is being published tonight.

You guys are on a list that I was emailed a few days ago.

78, AIR Strike
88, TJ^2
121, Rhode Wariors
125, Nutrons
172, Northern Force
175, Buzz
1058, PVC Pirates
1071, Team Max
1073, The Force Team
1100, T-Hawks
1511, Rolling Thunder
1519, Mechanical Mayhem
1687, Highlander Robotics
1768, Nashoba Robotics
1965, Firebirds
2423, KwarQs
2648, Infinite Loop
2788, Ligerbots
3461, Operation PEACCE
4473, REM Delta Prime
4555, Sprocketology
4564, Orange Chaos
4761, Robockets
5265, Robostags

As much as my team loved Blitz last year, we’re not going to be attending, as the change in date conflicted with too many other commitments our team members had.

However, if the rest of the list is correct (and my counting is good), then everyone will get to play in eliminations!

Where is that published?

You would think… but I think I’m gonna have to smack the guy who told me that it would be published.

Same here, we loved the event but we couldn’t make the date work for us. Hopefully next year we’ll get to return to one of the coolest events in New England.

Hi Everyone,

We’re still working on getting the information up on the website, but here is the latest team list:

Team # Team Name
1 69 HYPER
2 78 Air Strike
3 88 TJsquared
4 121 Rhode Warriors
5 125 Nutrons
6 126 Gael Force
7 172 Northern Force
8 175 Buzz Robotics
9 195 CyberKnights
10 1058 PVC Pirates
11 1071 Team Max
12 1073 The Force Team
13 1100 T-Hawks
14 1511 Rolling Thunder
15 1519 Mechanical Mayhem
16 1687 Highlander Robotics
17 1768 Nashoba Robotics
18 1965 Firebirds
19 2423 The KwarQs
20 2648 Infinite Loop
21 2788 Ligerbots
22 3461 Operation PEACCE
23 4048 RedShift
24 4473 REM Delta Prime Robotics
25 4555 Sprocketology
26 4761 Robockets

In other news, we’re still looking for some help on the volunteer front. We are currently looking for a few Refs, Field Reset, Pit Admin, team queuing, and a few people to help with set-up on Friday. If anyone is interested, please visit the link below:

Is there a schedule anywhere yet? Pretty much I’m just looking for when pits open and when they close.

Pits open at 7:30am

They usually close at 6:00pm when the event is over.

Full schedule will be posted shortly.


Team 1511 is excited to return to Boston and compete! Any game mods?


Hey fellow Blitzers! (Is that a word?)

I will be hosting a NEMO meeting at the Blitz, 10:00-11:00 in the Club room, at the end of the arena over the load in ramp.

Need some ideas on how to grow your team? Fundraising issues? Lost a sponsor? Come get some suggestions on how to fill the voids. And updates on the YPP Program.

1073 will be attending with a skeleton crew, as most of our team is away for the weekend. Is anyone interested in teaming up to scout? We use a tablet based system so all the data is uploaded online so anyone can view and manipulate the data.

Rosie would love to join up with your team for scouting. We would love to be able to help you guys out as well as learn another technique for scouting

Here’s the stream

Alliance Selections:

  1. 1519 195 2423
  2. 125 175 2648
  3. 1768 172 1965
  4. 1058 1073 4473
  5. 69 78 1071
  6. 839 3461 1687
  7. 4761 2877 88
  8. 1100 4048 1511

1058 declined 1768


  1. 1519 195 2423 QF
    2. 125 175 2648 W
  2. 1768 172 1965 QF
  3. 1058 1073 4473 SF
  4. 69 78 1071 QF
  5. 839 3461 1687 SF
  6. 4761 2877 88 QF
  7. 1100 4048 1511 F

How did 2648 end up the #23 pick?
And that #8 seed alliance looks fantastic as well. I’d love to watch that match video.