Bearing Lubricant

I am curious what lubrication teams use on bearings in general and specifically on needle bearings.
AKA: Spectrum Dead Axle Rollers. We love the dead axle rollers and use them extensively, but are noticing considerable deterioration under the high RPM’s of an intake or shooter. Currently we are using a light spray lithium.

This our current favorite but we have used other types as well.

Finish Line Ceramic Grease -

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The higher the speed, the lower the lubricant viscosity should be. Spray lithium (that white stuff) is a bit thick for 10,000 RPM. Try oil instead.

Alternative: Contact the bearing manufacturer*, tell them which bearing you’re using, the speeds and loads, and ask for their recommendation.

*Have students call, but make sure they are well-informed. Good learning experience. If you don’t know who made your bearing, find the Timkin equivalent and call Timken.


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