Beatty and Kingman

There were two teams that seemed to show a lot of promise - Beatty (71) and Kingman (60). I know they competed at SVR and MMR, and I was wondering how they stacked up.

  1. Did Beatty consistently get 3 goals and control them?

  2. Was Beatty impossible to push around?

  3. How fast was Beatty to the goals?

  4. How fast was Kingman to the goals?

  5. Could Kingman consistently control two goals?

  6. Could Kingman consistently lift two goals?

  7. How hard was it to push Kingman around?


I couldnt see the webcast, but i hope the footage is up on the web soon.

Jeff Alpert
Team 469

I think that Beatty proved its consistency in elimination rounds.

Kingman is an extremely fast team, and unstoppable if you let them grab two goals. There were many times in the qualification rounds when they grabbed two goals, and then just plowed their way straight through 2-3 robots and a goal without slowing down. Also many times teams would be latched onto kingman’s goals and when kingman started moving towards the goal zone their turret would rotate as they moved so that the robot would end up pulling at a wierd angle and being dragged across the field.

They ended up ranked 8th since grabbing 2 goals is not the greatest qualifying strategy because they get too many points (though they did really well and were even ranked 2nd at one point) and we chose them and 359 in our alliance. Unfortunately, kingman had some problems latching in the playoffs, but they still did well. They also have a tether that they drop off at the beginning of the match and it stays in the entire match.

I am sure that by nationals they will have perfected their latching and they will definately do well.

Oh and just to answer the questions directly:
4. At their fastest they can get to the goal in 1/2 - 1 seconds.

  1. Yes, except in playoffs where they were having a few difficulties.

  2. Yes, every time they got the goals they lifted them.

  3. When they had the goals, impossible. Without the goals, very difficult. I still remember one instance when a team anchored in front of them so their frame was on the ground and kingman pushed them all the way across the field without a problem.

Oh and does anyone have any pictures of beatty grabbing 3 goals?

A movie would be even better.

You know a team is good when they grab onto two goals, another robot latches onto one of them, then the team decides to drag the goals and that other robot to the HP station to get loaded up with balls, and then goes all the way back to the goal zone…without as much as a sweat! Ford Kingman was definately the most powerful two goal grabber I have seen in the competitions so far this year, I would love to see how they would fare against Beatty’s walker.
Andy Grady

*Originally posted by JAlpert *
**There were two teams that seemed to show a lot of promise - Beatty (71) and Kingman (60). I know they competed at SVR and MMR, and I was wondering how they stacked up.

  1. Did Beatty consistently get 3 goals and control them?
  2. Was Beatty impossible to push around?
  3. How fast was Beatty to the goals?

I would say beatty consistantly pushed three goals around. There were a few teams that figured out how to get around that though. Beatty was indeed impossible to push. There is no stopping that robot - wherever it wants to go, it goes. We timed Beatty to the goals and in the match we timed it took them 3.5 seconds to get to the goals. Once they had a goal, there was no getting it away from them. That’s what I saw! Any other questions/comment/whatever?

  • Katie**

Beatty was indeed impossible to push. There is no stopping that robot

I wouldn’t be so sure about this. Even though I have yet to see anyone push them around. Just wait till West Michigan. :wink:
There was something strange that I noticed about their robot. Whenever someone bumped or took one of the side goals before hammond got a hold of it, it took hammond even longer to grab the other side goal. Is this just me or is there some explanation to this?

I would like to thank team 71 and team 519 for there help at MMR.
beatty has a great robot, but what you can not forget is they are also smart. I believe they could win the grand rapids regional with
a average robot , also they are great people.

Jim Schaddelee
team 107

Let me just hit on this one more time…I REALLLLY want to see Ford/Kingman vs. Beatty…if this happens at nationals, someone please tape it for me!!! That is a match I do not want to miss!

At the Silicon Valley Regional, kingman was averaging 2.5-3.5 seconds to the near and center goals.
They also won the incredible play award for grabing 2 goals,
filling them with 9 human player balls, pushing 2 robots across the field,
lifting the goals up, and spinning them around their bot.

I scouted them several times and timed them with a stopwatch.

Thanks teams 60 and 359 for making such a stong alliance with us.

I would like to congratulate teams who won at MMR. Although I would have liked to win, it wasn’t our teams time to win and I can’t wait until nationals. I would also like to say thank you to Beatty for chanting my teams name when we won an award. I know it meant alot to hear that from them.

The third reply to this thread read that Kingman “at their fastest reached the goals in 0.5-1s.” According to some basic physics, their acceleration to the goals from rest to 25 feet is 200ft/s/s, and their velocity when they reach the goals is 100ft/s. Their average velocity is thus 50ft/s. I think the original timing must have been done with a sundial or with the “one-thousand one” approach. Just kidding. But seriously, i got pretty scared when i first read the numbers, and I wanted to make sure we weren
t going to get smoked to the goals. Thanks for your input.

Jeff Alpert
Team 469

Ok so I was exaggerating :stuck_out_tongue:

Listen to Matt, he was one of our scouters and he had the stopwatch.

Though I remember watching them one time and it really looked like it only took them one second to get there…

Also in your calculations you are assuming they accelerate the entire time when really most robots can reach max speed in 2-3 feet. So doing some calculations, to reach 20 ft/s in 3 ft thats an acceleration of 66.7 ft/s/s and takes .3 s, then to reach the goal at 20 ft/s that is now 22 ft away takes 1.1 s. In total thats about 1.4 s. Now I really do think they can go 20 ft/s at their max maybe even faster so it might be possible.

Note: I did say “at their fastest,” in the situation I am talking about they really flew out of the gate. Most of the time they take longer because its harder to latch at such speeds.

My team (668) went up against kingman in our first match at SVR, and are proud to say that we were successful at preventing them from spinning the goals, jk :wink: our goal arm was good and bent up, and had to be replaced and reinforced before our next match. they have a strong, fast and unique robot.
at one point, i heard one of the other scouts for my team say that they could do 17 fps to get to the goal, and 2 fps once they had them. i’ll tell you, they were strong! they pushed our bot around like one of the soccerballs :wink: i’m not sure i saw another bot there that could beat them to the middle goal (there’s a strategy trick for you…).

I did see a little mean robot ‘Cerebral’ or something like that take the center goal and team 60 and place them back against the operator station then the battery connection or breaker went. For those first few seconds the ‘Cerebral’ bot showed they had what it takes for speed and power. I think come Nationals when the full mix of superfast and superstrong robots combine you will see some matches unlike anything we have seen yet. Many of the strategies so far in grabbing 2 or even 3 goals involves getting there first or spending the rest of the 2 minutes towing one or 2 to get the other one. Effective blocking and keeping a robot inbetween your goals and the opposing robots gripper throws a real curve on things. And be prepared for not only a whole bunch more tethers but also some ‘tether manipulators’

I have a few questions about Beatty:

  1. Do they have wings made out of PVC
  2. How much damage do they get from their wings
  3. Someone mentioned that there were some robots that were able to stop Beatty. What did they do to stop them?
  4. Does anyone have pics or video of them?

I’ll do my best here:

  1. Yes their wings are PVC

  2. I dont think their robot gets damaged, because no one really got to give a direct impact to their wings, because they always got to a goal fast.

  3. We (Team #269) beat them twice, once in the Qualifications, and once in the Semifinals. In the quals we got one goal while they grabbed 2 and just loaded it with balls, in the semi finals they had two again, but we somehow ended up dragging both out of their zone and into our home zone, I’m waiting for the video to be put up of that one. Check it out if you can.

N.E.W. Apple Corps (#93) beat them in the qualifications in a great match, they just beat them to the center goal and rammed it, Beatty ended up being stuck on the lower edge of the goal and their feet couldn’t walk, it was a great match. But I believe they fixed their robot so it won’t happen again.

Thanks for the info. It was very helpful. By the way, do where i could get pics of them. I looked in Beatty Pics thread but I didn’t find any URLS. Thanks again

There are some in the Gallery on this site under Regionals->Motorola Midwest Regional

The only url i saw on that thread was which wasnt working