Beatty Robots

Not quite the same Beatty but… still awesome website and robot designs.

This MARS rover mock-up is quite impressive.

Here is a video of the machine.

This is some pretty great stuff, I love to see what robotic enthusiasts are doing out there! I really love their paintball bot, that thing is scary! :yikes:

Can I also just say that I think the fact that they build these Robots with his younger daughters is pretty awesome? Maybe I just need an excuse to start building robots with my 3 month old daughter.

Just for the record, it doesn’t shoot paintballs. It’s an airsoft gun, which shoots brass or plastic pellets, as described in the video.

Haha, I saw that this morning and said to myself " Someone is going to point that out on Delphi… "

Brass or Plastic Pellets are far more scary than paint balls anyhow…

I think it’s cool to see how many different platforms are on those robots. I saw AndyMark products, VEX parts, BOEBot parts, and many others.

I wouldn’t be so sure. I’m assuming its just an airsoft gun meant for recreation, in which case I know from experience that paintballs can hurt much more.

If it is a pellet gun meant for rodent control, it may be a different story. But most of those are not fully automatic.

Creepy Crawler robot is the most impressive one :o I love its smart design. Anyway, all of them are admirable :smiley: