Bechtel grant/sponsorship requirements

We have a parent from our team’s sister FTC team who works for Bechtel and is willing to mentor our team in some capacity. We know that Bechtel offers grant/sponsorship money to teams under some conditions. However, we have heard that there are two conditions here that will be a problem for us: first, that each employee is only allowed to request funds for one team, and this parent already made the request on behalf of the FTC team. Second, apparently, the employee must be a parent of a current student on the team for Bechtel to donate.

This second condition seems odd to me – maybe this is just my inexperience showing, but I have not heard of any companies that donate only to parents of students and not to mentors actively putting in volunteer hours. I was hoping that this condition is a misunderstanding somewhere along the chain – between us and the parent, or the parent and Bechtel. This way, at least in future years or if we can find another Bechtel employee, we may be able to receive Bechtel’s donations.

To any Bechtel sponsored teams out there: do you know if Bechtel requires employees to be parents for their grant/sponsorship?

Edit: To clarify, I’m asking if Bechtel considers non-parent mentors as enough to donate.

We receive sponsorships from Lockheed Martin and LEIDOS because of parents of students on the team. And they usually want the parent to mentor in some capacity as well. For Bechtel, although we’ve had parents of students on the team in the past, I don’t think that is a requirement. Bechtel used to have a facility in our city and donated. Even though they have left, we are still fortunate enough to still receive sponsorship. I do have contacts with several people in Bechtel so I speak with them about still getting us a sponsorship. I think there is a committee that decides this in the end.

There is a committee that decides the Bechtel grants from my understanding. I can say that having a current employee helping the team is not a requirement to continue receiving it, but I do not know about requirements to start sponsoring a team for the first time.

At least where we are Bechtel is more interested in sponsorship by proximity, they started sponsoring teams that are close to an office they have after initially sponsoring a team in the area that parents were involved with (1165). There is no formal application on our end, we work with a “FIRST Bechtel Champion” in our area to request funds each season.

Is there a link to the bechtel grant for frc teams or what should I look up on google

There is no online link, we just communicate by email. Since you are in AZ I will say that Bechtel here has not been interested in adding any more teams in the area they have been good with the four they sponsor.

Are you potentially looking for teams in the Bay Area? After one of our primary sponsors fell through this year, 299 has been looking for other potential partners to help fill the gap.

I’m not an employee with Bechtel, we’ve been sponsored by them since I’ve joined 2662 and am sharing how things have worked for us in receiving that sponsorship.

I should add again I don’t know how Bechtel considers new teams, in our area they seem to consider it geographically and have not discussed adding additional teams in recent years.