Bedford Express 1023 Encoder for shooter

A few people stopped by our pit asking about robot sensors. They liked an encoder we are using this year for a few reasons:

  • Easy surface mount
  • Accepts shaft sizes 2mm through 8mm
  • dip switch for resolution
  • cost under $25

I said I’d post the info on CD, so here it is!

Digi-Key part 102-1307-ND (AMT102-v kit) is the encoder. 102-1503-ND is the pigtail connector. Check the spec sheet to match the color wires for connection to the cRIO digital side car.

And thanks to Digi-Key for the KOP voucher this year!

No way, we use the same thing! :wink:

Looks great!

Just a few questions:
How accurate was the encoder readout?
The specs indicate that the pinout is a standard 1x5 .1" header; can you confirm?

For your shooter wheel application, do you use both channels of the encoder or just one? Do you use 1x or 2x or 4x decoding? and, do you grab the counts and divide by elapsed time, or do you use GetRate() (or GetPeriod() for single channel) ?

Hmmm… wonder why that is Mark? lol

Our teams have a great mentor thats why! :slight_smile:

Slijin: the second part number connects to the header so you only need to match the wire color for gnd, +5v,A, & B edges. That’s what I did anyway.

Ether: It’s been a bit since I’ve looked at the code, so I’ll answer with specifics later. I’ve been following your excellent Bang Bang controller posts. We are currently using LabView PID (with Ki=Kd=0). In the pits last Sat. We borrowed an rpm reader from TORC and were reading roughly +/- 40. It will be interesting to do some post season testing.

All: if you search the part number at DigiKey there are links for the spec sheets and an installation video.

We’ve used the AMT’s for several years now on our drivetrains. The resolution is configurable to your application and the pigtail cable is pretty robust compared to the smaller US Digital-type leads. We’ve found shaft alignment to be relatively more forgiving as well, but due care is still required.

One thing to note: The plastic shaft collar/size adapters can sometimes come loose, so we put a light knurl on the shaft whenever possible for insurance. In a pinch, a single piece of electrical tape around the shaft works fine as well.