Bedford Express's team Bios


I just want to post showing everyone our team Bio’s page. I am intrest in what you guys think. (any improvements etc.)

Pretty good and simple, but I wouldn’t underline all the text in each profile.

I agree… if what you’re doing is trying to imitate the whole fill-in-the-blank thing of general “about you” type paper forms, though, I’d suggest extending the lines to maybe 2 cm from the edge of the folder to make it look more like a “form” thing…

Otherwise, just get rid of the underlining entirely.

BUUT aside from that, it’s cool :slight_smile:

Cool…Real cool. We’ve talked about something like this, but yours is much further along than where we are.

The animated gif at the top of the page is a great touch.

it will be better when Kim, kitty, and i have our bios in there…right Chris?

Thanks for the feed back. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do about the underline. I’m sure I will think of somethink.

Of course it will be better with your guys in it.