Been in Atlanta a couple of hours and already making bets with steve w

Well I have been in Atlanta ooo about 6 hours and i already made a bet with Steve W .
I am a safety advisor here, and we were talking about people not wearing safety glasses. And we made a bet that if i caught him one time with his safety glasses off in the pit i can dye his hair any color or colors i want. Now hopefully i can catch him

Hey dont forget…we still have our bet going too…

Im thirsty :stuck_out_tongue:

Brandon needs to make a post how many he has, cant miss me i am wearing a bright green safety vest

Well Steve didnt think it was fair that he only had to do something, So we added if i took off my safety glasses i have to shave my head

steve has a story…

I will tell the moral of the story and you can probably fill in the rest.

Moral = Don’t bet with Steve cause he always wins (except 2003). My good friend, safety adviser and soon to be hairless person saw fit to be sitting at the safety table in the middle of the pits and remove his glasses for just long enough for me to see. Fate you ask? Well even though denying it at first he finally, after my describing what he had done, admitted to what happened. Now he is willing to go through with the bet but again is asking whether or not it really happened.

I am willing to be a good guy and if the consensus is that he not lose his hair is made tonight then I will spare the poor unfortunate young lad. I must say that this may cause him a little trouble at work if we do proceed.

What are your thoughts?

I say he loses it, unless it may cause a problem at work (but it will grow back ;)).

Well see i dont know how work is about really short hair i know they would definetly would not like a razor, but i am a man of my word and if we decide to do it i will stick with it. I wish we could maybe find a better alternative though. I honestly have no problem shaving my head, i am just worried what work is going to think :confused:

where do you work?

To be honest, in that picture i can’t see much hair anyway :stuck_out_tongue:
Unless you can think of a better forfeit, its up to you :stuck_out_tongue:

I work at universal Studio’s Florida, I am a security officer. So they are very picky on how i dress and look

I’ve got it. I will bring a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey jersey that you must wear for the next 2 days. Remember it is warm here and the jersey is long sleeved. :eek:

AND a white paper on safety and safety glasses to be posted by May 30, 2005 on CD.

lol good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

But going back to the origins of this bet (and ignoring the question of why would you bet with Steve?) … what colour can you think of that Steve’s hair hasn’t been?

I dont care what color it is. I can come up with something crazy. One day down with this jersey its sooo hot. I will get a picture up tommorow with me in the jersey

Ryan has agreed to my termsand has been a good boy and is wearing the shirt. He has stopped by a few times and I have a few people checking on him. He still has to write and post a white paper on safety and safety glasses and hopefully this will teach him a few things. First never challene or bet with me. Second, that safety is important at all times not just when you are “Thinking” and third, that if you are going to be a safety advisor then you need to practice what you preach.

Maybe some people out there could give Ryan some example of why safety is important.

Hey, techinically i was in a place i could have them off i was outside the pit area. Second i am finding another bet i can make with you, i am working on it…give me time