Beetle weight Robot Progress (combat robotics)


Cutting the frame now. Mountain Dew for scale


Context? Battlebots?

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Beetleweight (3lb) combat robot. When done it’ll have a 16” spinning bar with an impact force of 4kj at 10,000rpm


Title revised for clarity.


Thanks friend


Nobody probably wanted this, but the 3lb criteria of this “beetle weight” competition had me bugged out thinking 3lb beetles existed. Luckily for us there is just this Goliath Beetle that weights .25 lbs


Puns hehe…

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Bugs generally don’t cause me panic but I gotta admit I’d not want to wake up and see that on the pillow next to my head, I could imagine a rather hasty, animated and expletive-filled retreat from the situation. Yet another reason to not go traipsing through the African rainforest, as if there were not enough already.


I’m with you there. I don’t mind bugs until they are invading my personal space. Worst thing is the feel of something crawling on me.