Before Q&A Opens...

… and you post something to it, please ask yourself the following question: “Do I really need to ask this , or do I already know the answer?”

Every year when I read the Q&A synopsis I see a number of questions that are obvious attempts to lawyer the rules. They waste time and result in an ever expanding set of future rules. Yuck.

That being said, please do ask the real questions. I’m certainly not 100% clear on 100% of the rules.

The GDC has given us a lot of really cool leeway this year, lets enjoy it. :smiley:

Now that it’s open I noticed a really bad tendency appearing.
People are answering the questions posted there like it was Chief Delphi. IT’S NOT!!!
Only the GDC committee can and will answer the questions.

If past practice is any indication, the GDC will delete all responses but their own. Besides, all those responses are in New Topics, not Q&A.