before the matches

before the matches will we be told who we are partnered with (a la 2 yrs ago) or just in the dark until we get up there like last year?

I’m pretty sure that we will be told about 5 minutes or so before the match. But I’m not positive.

In '99 and '00 (when the game was like this year) we were given the Qualifying Match lists on Friday morning as always. For each match, the 4 teams that would be in that match were listed, but you did not know who you would be paired with until the match right before yours began (like this year).

There’s been nothing said of the contrary… and that concept seemed to work in the past. I’m sure FIRST will inform people soon.

The wording in GM5 says:
“Prior to the start of the qualification matches, teams will be randomly assigned to alliances and given alliance colors by FIRST.” There is no other mention of when this information is given to the teams. I wonder, then, if they’re making the information public at the beignning of the event?