Beginning CAD Workshop

So I’m planning a Autodesk Inventor Workshop that will last two hours for FIRST teams members. I am looking for basic suggestions as to what might be explained. The goal is to set people off on their way to create FRC robots in Inventor with little or no more knowledge than will be delivered over this course. So in short if you had two hours to get someone started with Inventor what would you do?

Last year, our team and Team 1868 put on a CAD Workshop. Although it was focused on SolidWorks, our mentors gave a great lecture on modeling and drawing fundamentals before even diving into a particular software package. Here is the presentation if you’d like more information on that. Besides the lecture, we split up our large group into several computer labs and went through some of the basic SolidWorks tutorials, which are pretty good for beginners. For more advanced team members, they could expand on the projects from the tutorials. After this, we handed out printed drawings for some of the parts that the team has manufactured in the past (specifically parts from our ultra-lightweight 2007 drive gearbox) and team members worked to draw up the parts in SolidWorks.