Beginning exercises for solidworks

Are there good exercises/tutorials for people that have never used CAD before that can be self-taught?

This is where I started - Robotics Tutorials

This is how I learned Solidworks. They aren’t necessarily robotics related, but they are very fun and teach you basic skills very well.

The built-in tutorials in SolidWorks are a very good overview of basic modeling practices.

I started with the in house tutorial and then expanded and made the WCD drive kit from a manual here in CD, Check the whitepapers for it. After that I made our team’s robots from past years and now I am trying to make other robot design that I have for offseason bots (t-shirt launcher)

I recommend 647 design tutorials. It’s a great book on how to design stuff in FRC, check it out.

You mean 610?

Just for FRC go to

There is a playlist just for robots. Marie