beginning help

Where should we start from learning to program for FRC?

Check out the WPI Screensteps Control System Docs.Most all information about the FRC Control System is located there.

EDIT: This is assuming you’re using Java or C++ as your preferred languages. LabVIEW is also covered there but less in-depth, and there is also RobotPy if you like Python.

WPI library for your respective language is a pretty good place to start.

The wpi is a good place to start…I would learn from examples. My team has our live robot code uploaded and documented on github here
If you have any questions feel free to pm me anytime and ill get back with answers. This is not my code as I have other responsibilities for the team but i oversee most of it still.

If you use RobotPy, you could come by Upsala and get help if you ever need it. We love RobotPy and Python and we would be glad to help you out!!