Beginning with pneumatics

Hey guys,
As the offseason rolls around my team is interested in learning about pneumatics! We’ve seen many benefits of pneumatics on other team’s robots and want to get informed on the system.

We have lots of pneumatic components and hope to make a bench bot with a simple pneumatic system.

So what I’m asking for is if anyone has any informative websites/papers on using pneumatics or tips, tricks, etc.


Team 358 has excellent information on this topic. There is a lot of info here so read it carefully.

Good luck!


I agree. Thanks, team 358, for that wonderful info!

I hope it helps you, Brian! Good luck to you! I applaud your interest in pneumatics, as good pneumatic system is a key tool to success. Although they can be hazardous at times!

Stay safe!

Perfect, that’s a ton of great information! Thanks guys!

If you used pneumatics on your robot this year, what would you have used them on?

Well, I don’t really any major advantages for pneumatics on our current robot. We have a linear two-wheel shooter and a thirty-point climb that is chain-driven. We got the climb working extremely well at South Florida Regional and the shooter is pretty reliable.

So, I don’t really regret not knowing pneumatics this year. But I really regret not knowing how to use it in my first year, 2011, with Logo Motion. Our tube holding device and mini-bot deployment arm were driven by slow acme screws on Fisher-Price Motors and our lift was raised by a pulley system. Our slow machine got blown away by incredibly fast pneumatic lifts and arms that quickly accomplished the games. Not using pneumatics was a serious disadvantage.

So, I’d rather not have a repeat of 2011. We’ve done really well these past two years without a major need for pneumatics, but I’d like to learn about it now and be ready to employ it next year if needed. :slight_smile: