Behind the Bumpers - 1577 Steampunk - World Finalist Alliance Captain World Finalist alliance captains and Israel District alliance captains 1577 Steampunk has an incredible Rapid React Robot. Hear more about their sensors and how they are able to be one of the fastest cyclers in the world on Behind the Bumpers.



Thank you for the video Tyler!

For further explanations about the robot mechanisms feel free to ask here/message me

Not presented in this video, but what if I tell you that we “developed” this season a 1gr (0.002lbs) mechanical arm braking mechanism?

In the picture above you can see a red gaffer tape that hold a zip-tie that rests between two gears of our climber arm.
In order to release the lock, we spin the motor to the reverse direction. That causes the zip-tie to fall.
We have a software precaution that detect if the arm changes its homing position (aka the zip-tie fell) and then hold it back in closed-loop, but during all competitions this line of code hadn’t need to been run even once.
(The only reason for the gaffer tape is to re-use the same zip-tie over and over, and avoid a fall of the zip-tie to the field).


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