Behind the Bumpers | 1690 Orbit One of the most inspirational and innovative teams in FRC 1690 Orbit brings so much to the table. Incredible automation, custom dashboard, vision and positional systems, game piece detection, mechanical manipulation and custom swerve.



I never thought id see the day a team puts regenerative braking on a robot


That is so crazy, 1690 always innovating and thinking out of the box

the funny thing is that we did not put anything :slight_smile:
it was just to synchronize the intake (now shooting) wheels with the swerve driving motors - the robot stops before hitting the ramp and at the same time accelerates the shooting wheels. When stopping, the bus voltage goes up to ~14 volts, which is just what was needed to reach the lower nodes from behind the ramp (for our not-planned-for-shooting-that-far intake), and it was easier to sync than change mechanics


Since all of Orbit’s threads from 2022 are closed, I’d like to inquire if y’all used a coprocessor to optimize the relationship between shot angle and velocity when shooting on the fly, or did everything on the RIO

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No, we didn’t use any. And we don’t think it’s necessary because you can control motors only in cycles of RoboRIO (20ms) regardless of coprocessors