Behind the Bumpers - 1706 Ratchet Rockers - #1 Seed Division Winners 1 seed and division champions 1706 Ratchet Rockers has ignited this season with their awesome Rapid React Robot. Hear about their shoot on-the-fly robot with a double intake on Behind the Bumpers.



Check 2910 out, as well as all the BTBs published!

I think you can request FUN to interview your team as long as you guys are at the same events.

As mentioned 2910 was posted. You can see all of our videos at and all of our Behind the Bumpers are on this playlist:

@vargoose84 is correct that we do take requests. The best way to do this is to DM me on discord. The vast majority of interviews are done by me as that’s the specific reason I am at events is to gather/create content while most other hosts are with a team or volunteering. You are much more likely to get interviewed at a regional/district I am attending versus champs.

At champs we do get inundated with requests and try to get to as many as we can. In addition we do create a list of teams that we are specifically interested in getting and typically do not get to all of these either. While I am all for 1 champs it does cut our media time in half to film.


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