Behind the Bumpers - 1771 North Gwinnett Robotics A top tier team out of Peachtree who won a 1v3 semifinal match and does it all while being made of wood. 1771 North Gwinnett Robotics has stormed onto the field as a top contender this year. Hear more about their success on Behind the Bumpers


1771 was real proud to rep the Peachtree District at Worlds! While we had hoped to make it further, it was an honor to compete with the World Champion alliance on Galileo. Our numerous accomplishments (3 district wins in a row, #1 auton OPR thanks to our week 2 6-ball auton, and top #5 in OPR) and advancements this year (first on-season swerve robot with a 7-week design and 6-day build time), as well as emerging from COVID with a stronger and larger than ever team, have us hopeful for the years to come!