Behind the Bumpers | 4143 MARS/WARS 1 seed and division finalists along with 2 regional wins this year 4143 MARS/WARS doesn’t always get the recognition they reserve in a crowded field of top tier teams from Illinois. With 5 weeks to improve from champs they took inspiration from other teams to upgrade their robot. We really like their new intake and transfer system.



I am a little confused with how this polycarb is mounted, and also the legality of it. I thought that only static things could be on the frame perimiter (the bearing and shaft I mean), are “spectrum corners” used here?

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Really curious about the power draw concerns you guys were seeing on your differential swerves that prompted the switch to MK4i’s. Is this an issue with the mechanical nature of a differential swerve (or your particular implementation of it) or just the fact that you’re using two motors for driving each module (whereas a traditional swerve would only use one motor most of the time)?


From the little research I just did on spectrum corners yes it is in an essence the same thing but its not for all four sides of the robot just the two long sides. Technically that piece of 1/4" polycarb is our “frame” which allowed us to mount our cube pickup in the same fashion.


We keep adjusting the mechanical design of our diff swerve, but most of the problems are steming from the current draw of just running 8 motors full blast. We have had some ideas on how to deal with this design wise, but we need to focus on tuning our current limiting software. 4414 HighTide ran 2 drive motors on each module this year well so it can be accounted for in software.


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