Behind the Bumpers - 4414 High Tide - World Finalists Experience the HighTide with now World Finalists 4414! This team is the complete package and overviews their manufacturing process, mechanical, sensors and programming of their Rapid React robot and also how they crowd source their scouting on Behind the Bumpers.

PS also the slickest pit I have ever seen!



What an absolutely amazing bot! Definitely worthy of all the accolades and praise they’ve received this year. The fact that freshman were able to contribute so much to such an amazing bot speaks to just how talented their students are.

Gotta second on the pit! The color scheme with it makes it even better!


Thanks Tyler!

As always, we had a blast interviewing with FUN.


Always a pleasure helping people experience HighTide! :call_me_hand:


I had the privilege of volunteering at 4 events where 4414 competed (Port Hueneme, Ventura, Aerospace Valley, and CMP) and I enjoyed interacting with their drive team and watching their robot compete. Definitely the high point of the 2022 season.


I can’t believe this team only has 12 students. Incredible robot and operations for such a small group.


Not just a great robot but they have the best organized pit I’ve seen. I would love the plans to it if available.

Sorry didn’t see the other thread till now.


Can you tell us how high is shooter

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Impressively well integrated! Do you guys plan on releasing CAD?

What does the giant box structure on the outside do?

The frame was the only part of our robot that we didn’t iterate between our 2nd and 3rd event. At some point it was integrated into our intake and climber more aggressively. By champs it was really only a nice surface for our cable chain and a place for me to set my water bottle in que while doing pre match strategy.

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Did it also provide the structure for your head such that it didn’t fall off?


We still must know what these things were for:

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the answer is clout

they were made for clout


This plate holds the climber cantilever from the back drive rail without the need for an additional cross tube, you can see it mounted to the base of our rev3 climber in the interview.


Not sure it’s the most weight efficient way to hold a turret up, but it did save the turret from countless faceplants.

I Have a question how did you guys do your cable management for your shooter?

I Can never find the name so if you could share it it would be fantastic.

-Even J 5817 Uni-rex Robotics

I think the name youre looking for is ‘energy chain’, which is what their wires run through.
As for the method, I believe they have a pair of constant force springs on the corner of their bot and a 3d printed bracket that the energy chain runs through.

In essence, the energy chain contains all the wires and the constant force springs pull the energy chain neatly into position to stop it from going all over the place and getting in the way of things.


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