Behind the Bumpers - 4499 The Highlanders Robot Breakdown You got to love the thought process that has gone into 4499 The Highlanders Rapid React robot including their efficient packaging, NavX utilization to compensate for climb swinging and switching to robot centric swerve to acquire cargo in the Hub blind spots. Learn more about this top tier team on Behind the Bumpers.

(Also hello from Ohio on the way to WVROX)


I love the climber :eyes: :smirk:

But in all seriousness, it looks incredible! The NAVX control was something we always considered, but never actually implemented. Do you think the NAVX control of your arm was a critical part of your climb, or just a nice to have?

See y’all at chezy!

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We found that we were missing the timing for the transitions everytime. (Mostly bar 3 to 4)

You can see the problem we had here.