Behind the Bumpers - 5010 Tiger Dynasty Robot Breakdown (Very Thrifty) An up-and-comer in FRC, 5010 Tiger Dynasty shows off their very thrifty Rapid React robot including an awesome 3D printed hood and talks about their iterations throughout the season on Behind the Bumpers.


@Tyler_Olds, thanks for giving our departing seniors a great send-off interview opportunity at IRI! Trivia fact, @Ryan_Dognaux had to invest in a larger 3D printer for ThriftyBot to help us iterate on the ‘chonky gear’ hood as well as the orange support plate in front of it, lol.


We’re going to need a bigger ̶b̶o̶a̶t̶ 3D printer.

The CR6-MAX still has some quirks with the extruder, but out of the box it printed a lot of big parts for us this season like the turret pulley and many of the early ‘chonky gear’ iterations. This was all designed by students on 5010 and I’m really proud of the work they put in to pull off a fairly cool & different shooter hood design -


I’ve always had a great experience working with the Tiger Dynasty students! Great folks!

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Is the turret bearing custom or a big x contact or angular bearing?

McMaster PN 8233K16

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Be careful with that bearing under shock loads when a substantial torque can be applied to the race (eg a heavy turret going over a field bump). It seems to have worked out here, but my team had a catastrophic failure of this bearing in a match with their turret in 2012. 2012 had a big rail running across the middle of the field that could generate substantial shock loads driving into it. If I recall, it was the inner race that cracked, releasing all of the ball bearings; essentially the entire bearing came apart. This may have been a one-off manufacturing defect but custom bearing stacks may be more robust against this type of failure.

Well gee, that sure does look easier than wire EDMing it now doesn’t it.


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I think 3538 had something similar happen this year, maybe after hitting the hanging structure somehow? Can’t remember what all happened but it did crack. This bearing is basically a couple of cast parts with ball bearings in it.

No issues on our end though. We like how easily it went together :relaxed:

To be fair, the Mcmaster step file looks only ‘similar’ to the actual part AND the mfg of the holes are not to print either. At least for the parts I have in hand. But they seem to be usable for a good turret learning experience!