Behind the Bumpers - 7157 μBotics Robot Overview 7157 μBotics is newer to the scene but with 3 regional finalists they are a team you need to keep an eye out for in future seasons. Hear their advice for teams trying swerve for the first time, their vectored bearings intake wheels and lunacy shooter wheels on Behind the Bumpers.



One of my favorite robots from this season. I can see this bot being a great addition to the “Simple Robots That Win” presentations.
Good luck in future seasons!


I know we’ve reached peak 2022CD when a swerve bot is called “Simple”


Swerve was definitely the biggest gamble we took, considering the SDS modules came in the week before our first comp.

One suggestion - specific to the intake. The use of a hex shaft as a torsion bar was a bit questionable to me. If that torsion bar is bent, it will retain that bend in itself going forward, as the hex shaft is metal and therefore will not correct itself back to true without manually re-bending it into shape. Even if it is bent back into place after a match, it likely won’t be as “true” to its original shape as, say, a plastic 1x1 would. That bar bending could certainly compromise that intake for the remainder of a match; depending on the severity of the warpage.

Yes, throughout our comp season, we haven’t had the passive bar bend on us (yet). The passive bar keeps any potentially slightly deflated balls from slipping out of the intake between the two active rollers. During some matches when our active roller gets bent, we replace its hex bar with the passive hex bar, which is why the passive bar looks to be bent. Even with the slight bend, we still haven’t had any issues with intaking though

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