Behind the Bumpers - 7285 Sneaky Snakes from Turkey! 7285 Sneaky Snakes from Turkey brings a great robot to the Rapid React season with 5 ball auto, great cargo pathing including a very accurate turret and an efficient climber that earned them two regional wins this season. Hear more about this team on Behind the Bumpers



These guys had an amazing robot this year - undefeated at Bosphorus, only lost one match in Izmir. :heart: Keep up the good work! Win or lose, I’m excited to see the improvement in robot building over the years. When we did our first off-seasons, we were just happy if the robots moved at all. Now they’re autonomously targeting and the improvement has been swift and impressive. :slight_smile:

And I know, especially before COVID, this team was also keen on sharing with other teams, and working with other teams - so keep up the excellent engineering, and coopertition! :slight_smile:


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