Behind the Bumpers - 973 Greybots - Chezy Champs Winners with Consistent Scoring

Get Behind the Bumpers with 973 Greybots who were the winners of the Infinite Recharge Chezy Champs. 973 may not have the high end technology you see displayed on other teams, but they’re well built machines and consistently take them to the top.


Unironically this was the FUN Interview from CC I was most looking forward too.

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One thing I can say about 973 robots after having inspected them multiple times is they are built for reliability.


The best ability to have is availability

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Team 973’s, cycles imo was a winning factor in winning chezy champs. And, they’re ability to take control powercells seamlessly and index them into their robot is super cool.

Really appreciated the student who was so open about things not working out well on the robot and then choosing to move on to focus on other stuff. As Tyler said in the video, good lesson for all teams there that even the best of the best pick and choose their battles.


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