Behind the Bumpers - FRC 8802 Milwaukee United - Cargo Jet Blower Check out the unique and creative design from rookie 8802 Milwaukee United. 8802 choose to forgo cargo and instead focus on defense and climbing with a trick up their sleeve of adding cargo jet blowers! Discover more about this Rapid React robot on Behind the Bumpers.


At the MRA scrimmage the week before Wisconsin UPS’s auto got rocked by this bot, the kids though something was wrong with the field!

Turns out it was just the wind…

Congrats on your Creativity award!

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Almost thought those jet blowers were for a boost of speed the way they flew across the field! Excellent job 8802!

I’d be terrified to play against this thing


As soon as this bot was drafted, I went to our programmers to see if they might be able to compensate our auto around the blowers. We got bounced before we got to see them in playoffs, but it definitely threw a strategic wrinkle into planning.

Congratulations on a great first event 8802! Really interesting design concept and great driving skills! Love to see the recognition and focus on the importance of driver practice, because it can easily get away from a team during the design/build phase.

Your robot was so cool! It was so much fun playing with you guys especially with such an innovative design and strategy. Can’t wait to see how you guys progress!

-Team 93

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Really awesome to see some new creative teams in the Milwaukee area. As someone who loves a good defense auto, is there a video of this affecting an opponent’s auto?


Here are a couple from a scrimmage at Milwaukee Robotics Academy…

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