Behind the Bumpers FRC2485 W.A.R. Lords

FRC Team 2485: W.A.R. Lords has an amazing robot and is known as one of the best Chairman’s Award winning teams in FIRST! Get a more in-depth look at their robot and Chairman’s strategy on Behind the Bumpers!

Awesome team, cool robot and very deserving of serious Chairman’s consideration at Champs. Hope to see and even play with our friends in Houston!

Love the new style of showing robot footage/Chairman’s Video with voice-over.

You’re too kind. As I’m graduating this year, I hope I get the opportunity to see 987 and 2485 work together one last time!

What kind of transmissions do you guys use for the arm?

Thanks, it is definitely more time consuming to find these assets so this may turn into a quality over quantity thing (and our quality could be a lot better lol).

I really wish this video got a better shot of these monsters. I don’t know the exact gearbox they used, but it’s an ultra-low backlash COTS planetary gearbox with a custom billeted adapter/housing for the 775Pro input-stage. They’re really something special.

Don’t know the exact model, but I believe they were purchased from Apex Dynamics.

Love W.A.R. Lords well deserved spotlight!