Behind the Bumpers - FRC5172 Gators - #1 Seed on Carson


Check out our latest Behind the Bumpers video with FRC5172 Gators from Minnesota who were ranked #1 on the Carson division.

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It’s really amazing how incredible 5172 is year after year. Their community is around 500 people and has what many would say to be “nothing around them”. But every year they’re the team to beat in Minnesota, and really one of the best teams anywhere.

They also don’t build a practice bot…

I can’t wait to see how much more competitive 5172 is next year. It’s a terrifying thought as somebody that will be competing against them regularly.

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Getting to watch the Gators up close was a nice benefit of scoring on Carson. Watching their partner 1796 was another. Glad to see that RoboTigers will be at IRI.


Hey we have an interview with 1796 in the pipeline soon :slight_smile: