Behind the Bumpers Interview - FRC 341 Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy 341 builds awesome looking robots each year! Check out this 100% student designed robot and it’s capabilities on Behind the Bumpers at


Big thanks to First Updates Now for making this! You guys make amazing content.


Love the work FUN does for the community, but I’m not sure why this is necessary. Let’s leave the purity tests at the door and celebrate some amazing robots, whether their design is assisted by mentors or not.


I think you are interpreting this wrong. I think Tyler only meant to draw attention to our new cad curriculum and how we are very proud of the work we put into our cad this year. We have many amazing mentors that guide and teach us.


I love this design. If we could do it again, I would lobby for something like 341 or 5406


Is there something wrong with celebrating the accomplishments of students on teams?


There’s nothing wrong with celebrating the accomplishments of students, but the 100% student run/designed/built/what-have-you ideology is so often the basis of putting down teams who have “too much” mentor involvement. I highly doubt this is the aim of 341 or FUN, but the concern is more toward people who use such phrasing to fuel their “mentor built” arguments.


Simple answer: It’s posted because the team mentioned it. We’ve done pleanty of talk shows on this subject and it has nothing to do with my opinion or FUN’s opinion on % of student built.

Thank you for the compliments on content. For those of you who know I just had my first child 2 weeks ago so I’m playing catch-up on our remaining content we have in queue.

P.S. I’m personally for a full on partnership with students and mentors working side by side but that’s just me and honestly I think teams should run how they personally feel is best for them. #FIRSTpolitics


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